Swimming Pool Coping

While pool coping stones are a functional part of any pool, they are also an opportunity to make your swimming pool completely unique and special.

Pool coping is the edging material above the pool tile line that surrounds the top of the pool edging. This capstone also acts as a frame around the pool, like the frame around a painting. Like the frame of a painting, it allows the pool owner to make something look impressive and unique.

The pool cover effectively separates the pool structure from the pool deck or pool surround. This also allows you to create a unique design for both the pool and the pool environment. In general, there are many paving options available for both pools and pool surroundings, including matching deck-level gratings. Whether you are looking for a natural stone or porcelain finish, we have a fantastic selection of colors and finishes to give your project a unique and exeptional finish.

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